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Win tickets to see Aliens, play Killzone 2

Sony event, Leicester Square, tonight.

Sony wants to take you to the cinema this evening to watch Aliens and then to play the latest build of PS3 big-gun Killzone 2. That's very kind, especially seeing as 35 pairs of tickets are being given away for free.

The event takes place from 6pm at the VUE cinema in Leicester Square, London. "Real" Helghast soldiers will be marching around to add a bit of drama, and they will be posing for photos and not actually shooting people or repelling invasions.

To win a pair of tickets you'll need to be over 18 and available this evening. Just register on the Killzone website and then email Sony, providing your name, address and contact number. Jokes may or may not be tolerated; we're not suggesting anything.

Names will then be whisked out of a magical Harry Potter hat at 4pm, when the entries close. Winners will be notified in good time. Oh, and travel expenses will not be covered.

The film, which doesn't feature Sigourney Weaver in her underpants but we wish it did, starts at 6pm. The Killzone 2 pods will be in the bar area. Lovely.