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Win a Dell PC in Eurogamer's Lost Planet web-game!

Or watch new trailer on EGTV.

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What with our intense love of staying indoors where it's cool and shady during the summer months (aka "Deathtober"), the news that Capcom's soothingly icy Lost Planet: Extreme Condition will be chilling our PCs with DirectX 10-compatible graphics come 29th June is cause for a celebration.

Fortunately, Capcom has just the thing in the form of the Eurogamer-exclusive Akrid Attack 2 web-game. It's a top-down shooter played using the keyboard and mouse, which runs in your web-browser. We got 1563 points on our first go, which suggests we're rubbish - not unlike our friends and relations.

It wouldn't be much of a celebration without champagne, but sadly we have none. What we do have though is a high-end Dell PC with a copy of Lost Planet and a Lost Planet figurine, so we figured we'd give you that instead. Since we've got the web-game on the go, we might as well tie things in, too. Score over 3000 points and your name will go into a draw for the PC and goodies. Score over 2000 and you'll be in a draw for a copy of Lost Planet and the figurine; score over 1000 and you stand a chance of winning a copy of the game.

In other words, it's win win win. Nobody here isn't winning. Except me. But even I can crossly X the window and return to Eurogamer where my eyes may now feast themselves upon the chilly traits of the latest, Eurogamer TV-exclusive Lost Planet PC trailer. Who says we're not good to you? And where do they live? Cos we'll have them. Sure as you can go to a shop on 29th June and buy Lost Planet, if you want. See how we snuck that in there? We're so - for want of a better word - cool.

For more on Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, check out our Lost Planet: Extreme Condition gamepage. Logically.

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