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Wii version of Pikmin 2 dated

Jungle Beat to follow in summer.

Nintendo has announced that the New Play Control version of Pikmin 2 will be released across Europe on 24th April.

The reworked Donkey Kong Jungle Beat will then follow in the summer.

Pikmin 2 could be the series' early high point, as Captain Olimar is joined by assistant Louie, new species of Pikmin, and multiplayer modes in a reworking of Shigeru Miyamoto's inventive strategy puzzle game.

Apart from refined controls, New Play Control additions include the Piklopedia (listing all the plants and creatures you encounter) and a new Treasure Hoard (listing all your loot). As with the GameCube original, there are 201 treasures to find.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat was a Cube platform game originally controlled using the Donkey Konga bongos, but now uses the motion-sensing Wiimote and nunchuk for attacks, soundwaves and movement.

The Wii version also introduces two brand new stages, new enemies (such as the Thumpskull and Buzzball), new bonuses and new weapons. New new new! Jungle Beat is already out in Japan, and will release in the States this May, so hopefully we'll see it sooner rather than later.

So far, Nintendo has released two New Play Control games in Europe, revamping the first Pikmin so well that the only thing to say against it was that Pikmin 2 is a superior game.

Mario Power Tennis proved slightly less awesome, but wasn't without its charm either.

Nintendo plans to keep up the releases too, with Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2 and Chibi-Robo! on the slate, and others no doubt in consideration. Bring back Luigi's Mansion!