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Pikmin on Nintendo 3DS?

UPDATE: Zavvi admits error.

Update: Zavvi has informed Eurogamer that the Pikmin 3DS listing on its website was a mistake.

"It appears that the product has been listed in error," a spokesperson told us. "We have removed it from the site so it will disappear very shortly."

Original story: Giant UK shop chain Zavvi suggests Pikmin may be heading to Nintendo 3DS.

A listing on Zavvi's website shows placeholder box art for Pikmin (3DS) and a placeholder release date of 18th March. That obviously can't be the case, as the 3DS launches here on 25th March.

No other UK shop appears to list Pikmin on 3DS.

We've asked both Nintendo and Zavvi for comment.

Alone, this constitutes inconclusive evidence. However, coupled with Satoru Iwata's remarks earlier this year that "it seems like Pikmin is perfect for 3D" and the plot thickens.

Could it be that the Pikmin game we believe Nintendo to be working on is on 3DS and not Wii?

Pikmin 2!