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Wii U exclusive Splatoon fires past 1m sales worldwide

230k splash out for a copy in Europe.

Nintendo's colourful online shooter Splatoon has now sold more than a million copies worldwide, the company announced today.

That figure includes physical copies and digital downloads from the Wii U eShop.

230k were sold in Europe, 368k in North America and 476k in Japan.

Nintendo also noted that "thousands" of new players were still joining every day.

The developer has been continually unlocking new maps, modes and weapons to the game and will do so throughout the summer to keep the game fresh.

A recent datamine of the game's disc uncovered much of the content still to come.

An upcoming limited-time Splatfest tournament will plunge the game into darkness and see the team-based paint-firing take place with the lights off.

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