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Splatoon datamine discovers dozens of on-disc details

This week's new freebie is the Nova Blaster gun.

Nintendo fans have discovered just how much content is hidden within online paint shooter Splatoon. Turns out, it's quite a lot.

A list of Splatoon's maps.

Fans have discovered another two unreleased maps and as many as 33 upcoming weapons by datamining the Splatoon disc (thanks, NeoGAF).

Upcoming maps include Camp and Skyscraper locations. The list of upcoming guns is incomplete - some may just be placeholders - but indicate that a sizable amount of new content for the game is still on the way.

Nintendo has been slowly unlocking items and maps each week - for free - in a slow drip-feed of new features.

Two upcoming modes have also been spotted: Tower Control and Rainmaker.

Rainmaker mode.

Rainmaker sounds a little similar to capture the flag - two teams compete to snag the Rainmaker item and then try to take it to their opponents' base. The team with the most captures wins, or the team to get closest to their opponents' base if neither team score.

Nintendo has previously said that it will continue to roll-out features at a steady pace through the summer to keep the game fresh. Further content - that you'll actually have to download - may well then follow.

This week's new addition is the Nova Blaster, a short-range weapon with explosive fire. Take a peek at it below:

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