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Wii Mario Power Tennis dated

GameCube remakes with motion-sensing.

Nintendo plans to release Mario Power Tennis for Wii on 6th March, a month after the already-announced Pikmin Wiimake.

Both are old GameCube games, but return to life under the New Play Control! brand, which means Wii motion-sensing controls in addition to other nips and tucks.

The new Pikmin Wiimote controls should make it easier to boss Captain Olimar around, and there's an updated save system so you can restart from any day in the game's cycle. That's freedom on a Braveheart scale.

Mario Power Tennis picks up Wii Sports-style arm flailing, as well as extra replay camera options and split-screen play for one human plus friend.

Retailers put both as full-price titles (RRP GBP 39.99). Nintendo claims the games will sell for GBP 29.99, but it's not clear if this is the actual recommended retail price.

Pikmin 2 and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat will join later this year, and Nintendo plans to convert many more, which should keep the core audience happy. Snort.

Look up our original Mario Power Tennis and Pikmin reviews to see what we thought.

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