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How to get to Galaxy Pools in Destiny 2 and Galaxy Pools explained

The mysterious Galaxy Pools in Destiny 2 explained, including how to reach them.

Anyone who plays Destiny 2 knows it's full of enigmas, secrets, and hidden details. So much so that it's not always clear when something is an intended mystery, and what is Guardian breaking the game. Take the Galaxy Pools, for example.

The Galaxy Pools in Destiny 2 are a hidden, hard to reach location. Reaching them requires a very specific route, a specific character setup, and a second player to help along the way. We will walk you through how to get to the Galaxy Pools, and what the point of this place actually is.

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How to get to Galaxy Pools in Destiny 2

Getting into the Galaxy Pools is no easy task. There are some specific skills that rely on glitches and manipulating the online synchronization of Destiny 2 in order to reach your destination. Currently the easiest route is laid out by Destiny glitch Youtuber Froggy618157725:

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You'll need to collect the right equipment first, including the Exotic trace rifle The Navigator from the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon. It will probably take most players a lot of practice to get these moves down, but to summarize this video:

  • Load into the EDZ and escape the boundaries of the Dark Forest
  • Place a sparrow in a precise location and set up a Sync box using two players
  • Use The Navigator and Strand powers to 'fly' up to far away land mass
  • Use The Navigator and Strand power or sword to 'fly' to another land mass
  • Cross the water and launch into an invisible force that pulls you to the Galaxy Pools

If you manage all these steps you'll arrive in the unique and beautiful Galaxy Pools.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

What are Galaxy Pools in Destiny 2?

So what are the Galaxy Pools in Destiny 2? It's hard to say. Given the amount of glitching and exploits, it's unlikely this area is intended to be accessed currently. The most logical idea is that this, like many other areas in Destiny 2, was built with the intention of being utilized at a later date, but hasn't been put into service quite yet. It has been in the game since the beginning. Perhaps we will all end of there eventually. It's also possible the intended use was scrapped, or it was just for testing.

There isn't really anything to do in the Galaxy Pools besides enjoy the scenery. The colors and patterns are similar to The Nine or perhaps the Witness. As Destiny 2 approaches the Final Shape this would make sense as a tie in to the Darkness storyline, but that's educated conjecture.

For now, the Galaxy Pools are a hard to reach oddity, yet another strange mystery within Destiny.

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