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Baldur's Gate 3, Street Fighter and Lost Ark developers discuss.

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Watch: When friendly NPCs are the absolute worst

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Greetings Eurogamers. We're on the eve of Gamescom, the videogame uberconvention in Germany at which new games are announced, upcoming games are teased and the entire games industry becomes 80 percent currywurst by volume.

Talking of things that are disruptive to our digestive health, nothing twists our guts quite like the frustration of dealing with supposedly friendly NPCs who actively hamper our heroism. Standing in our way, hoovering up our loot and being a sloppy drunk are just some of the charges on this companion character rap sheet.

Cover image for YouTube video8 Times When Friendly NPCs Are the Absolute Worst

Just Cause 3, by contrast, is very much about taking matters into your own hands. And by matters, we mean a lightning gun that can call down great beams of electricity from the sky. That's the new toy dished out once you complete the third and final piece of Just Cause 3 DLC, called Bavarium Sea Heist.

Cover image for YouTube videoJust Cause 3 Lightning Gun DLC Gameplay Calls Down Actual Lightning (Bavarium Sea Heist DLC)

Lastly, Show of the Week focusses on the dragon-befriending action of Scalebound, a game with a companion character you won't want to argue with, regardless of whether he's being a big lizardy jerk. We put questions to Scalebound director Hideki Kamiya and salute our best, trustiest, most monsterrific friends in the show below.

Cover image for YouTube videoShow of the Week: Scalebound and Our 5 Most Dependable Monster Friends

That's all for another week, but why don't you keep us company over on our YouTube channel? We think you'd be an excellent companion, though we will admit the bar has been set pretty low.

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