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Just Cause 3's next DLC adds a "rocket boat"

Ship just got real.

Just Cause 3's third DLC expansion, Bavarium Sea Heist, adds a "rocket boat" to its roster of sandbox wonders.

Due tomorrow for Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass holders and 18th August for everyone else, Bavarium Sea Heist has players infiltrating an offshore base to acquire the "Eden Spark" lightning gun.

The boat, Loochador, seems to be the real star of the show and this add-on will include "boat invader" challenges in which players can earn mods for the Eden Spark.

Bavarium Sea Heist is priced at £4.99 / €5.99 / $5.99, though you can also get it as part of the Expansion Pass for £19.99 / €24.99 / $24.99.

Previous Just Cause 3 expansions, Sky Fortress and Mech Land Assault, have added a jetpack and spider-mech respectively.

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