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Aquaman Jason Momoa set to star in Just Cause movie

Ready, set Drogo!

Jason Momoa has signed on to star in the Just Cause movie, Variety reports.

Momoa, who hit the big time as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, plays Rico Rodriguez in the movie based on Avalanche's popular open world action game.

San Andreas director Brad Peyton is also working on Just Cause.

Of course, deals revolving around movies based on video games happen all the time, but they don't always end up with an actual film coming out. I still remember the time when Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx were cast in the Kane & Lynch movie that never materialised. But Hollywood has at least shown a willingness to get Square Enix game movies out the door. There's another Tomb Raider in production, and there was that recent Hitman movie. So maybe Just Cause will come out eventually.

As for Momoa, it's a busy time. He's playing Aquaman in Justice League as well as his own titular spinoff movie.

Fun fact: Jason Momoa is good at slaps. Don't play him at slaps.

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