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Watch someone complete Fallout 4 without taking a single hit

Playing on Survival without using Power Armour, chems or companions.

Fallout 4 streamer T Ronix has done the seemingly impossible: he's completed Bethesda's latest post-apocalyptic open-world adventure on Survival Mode without taking a single hit.

And here we thought it was crazy when someone finished Fallout 3 without ever healing.

T Ronix's exceptional run, which he figures is his eighth or ninth attempt, lasted upwards of 30 hours. By using a healthy dose of Stealth Boys, patience, and strategic perks, the Commonwealth survivalist is able to make it through the Boston-based adventure without taking a scratch.

Even more impressive, he doesn't use Power Armour, chems (except antibiotics), or companions. The only exceptions to these rules are a few cases where the story dictates that you have to pair up with a companion or take radiation damage.

Perks utilised early on in T Ronix's majestic run include Sneak, Rifleman, Explosive Expert, Aqua Girl, Ninja, Idiot Savant, Lone Wanderer and Black Widow.

There is one point where T Ronix meets his maker, but only due to a glitch wherein touching a stationary car somehow kills him. Since this is clearly a bug, the runner didn't count it as a failure, yet he still intends to replicate the run again without such an unfortunate incident.

"This challenge run here is to show that no hits in Fallout 4 is entirely possible," T Ronix said in his YouTube notes about the final section of the run. Truly, if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.

Here's a video of T Ronix going through Fallout 4's grueling home stretch under his insane conditions:

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