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Fallout 3 player completes the game and all DLC without healing

Now that's a megaton.

YouTuber Many A True Nerd took his thoroughly enjoyable You Only Live Once series to Fallout 3 eight months ago. Yesterday, he completed the game and all its add-ons.

The video, below, shows off the run's final hour with an assault on the Enclave base - the culmination of the Broken Steel DLC add-on. At that point his character has 93 / 560 on the "true health" counter. (Because Fallout 3 features health regeneration, Many A True Nerd tallies all the damage he's accrued during the run to keep things honest. Hardcore!)

Many A True Nerd's character build focuses on high health and stealth throughout in order to avoid enemy encounters. Fallout 3, compared to New Vegas, for example, is considered harder to complete without healing because it spawns dangerous enemies such as Deathclaws near common routes and lets them wander. Then there's radiation damage from water, and the reduced damage dealing and increased damage received that comes from playing on hard mode.

It's worth sticking with the video to the end, where Many A True Nerd shows highlights of his run.

This isn't the first time Many A True Nerd has finished a Fallout game without healing. He beat Obsidian's Fallout New Vegas with a single life bar. He also spent seven months killing everyone in Fallout 3.

What next? Surely Fallout 4 on survival mode awaits.

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