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Watch: Ian chops his way through the first 90 minutes of For Honor

Going live at 3:30pm.

Following an open and closed beta - and more trailers than you can shake a longsword at - For Honor is finally out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. While it's safe to say its tricky combat mechanics have rubbed a few people up the wrong way, our Wes absolutely loved it, calling it the best fighting game he's played in ages

Thanks to the aforementioned betas we've seen plenty of For Honor's multiplayer mode, but relatively little from the game's single player campaign. If you're curious as to how it handles, I'll be streaming 90 minutes of For Honor's campaign this afternoon.

Is single player nothing more than a glorified tutorial for the games multiplayer modes, or will the Samurai vs Viking vs Knights action be a cut above the rest? Tune in from 3.30pm via the video below and see for yourself.

Watch on YouTube

While you're waiting for the stream to start, feel free to argue the finer points of which faction would win in a real fight in the comments below. My money's on the Vikings - wode betide anyone who says otherwise.

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