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Warzone Red Doors explained: How do Red Doors work in Season 5?

What we know about the mysterious new fast travel system - including the door-filled corridor.

Here's what we know about how to use Red Doors across Verdansk - including how to a Red Door choice in the mysterious corridor.

Red Doors in Warzone was new addition to the game as part of Season 4, and has seen some changes in Season 5.

Leaning into the Black Ops: Cold War storyline, these mysteriously appear across the map in a semi-random fashion.

Part loot source, part fast travel system, by accessing a Red Door location it'll take you elsewhere. At first it was direct to one of several Stations across the map - with several high level gear chests for your trouble - but in Season 5, it now leads you to a mysterious corridor, with a choice of many doors to take. Which will you choose?

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Warzone Red Door gameplay from Season 4Watch on YouTube

What are Red Doors in Warzone, and what's changed in Season 5?

Red Doors were teased with the arrival of the Season 4 release roadmap in an intentionally unclear fashion, stating "our intel cannot explain the origin of these mysterious red doors around Verdansk, but one thing is certain: They allow you to [[REDACTED]] around the [[REDACTED]]".

Red Doors in Warzone can appear across the map in semi-fixed locations. Once you have found one, you can interact with it and step through.

This will then warp you across the map to another location. Originally this was direct to one of several Stations - but in Season 5, you'll travel to a corridor. This presents you with a series of doors. One will lead you to the Station - the others will put you back high above on the map, falling from the sky.

Choose the right door, and you'll go to a Station. These locations have a very Cold War vibe - including a chair in front of a number of monitors - but most importantly, weapon caches (including a red 'glitching' cache), giving you a lot of high level loot.

From here, you can exit the room and continue playing the match. (For those curious, we visited a Station location in a different match and it was inaccessible from the outside, suggesting they are completely sealed off until someone using a Red Door travels there.)

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How to choose a Red Door in the corridor

The big difference in Season 5 is that the Red Door will take you to a corridor. This corridor is filled with more red doors - and only one will get you to the Station. The others will boot you back to the map.

Though you can just choose one at random, the community has picked up a telltale sign of which one is the 'correct' door to advance you to a Station. The door in question will sound a little different to the rest - you should hear more of a high pitch tone if you stand outside.

There's an example of a successful door being chosen from Warzone Noob on YouTube:

Watch on YouTube

You only have a short amount of time to decide a door - so make sure you choose quickly, whether it's random or not.

What we know about Red Door locations in Warzone

From what we can tell, the initial Red Door locations work the same as they did in Season 4.

Red Door locations are seemingly fixed, but whether they appear at a given time or match is seemingly random.

We tested this by visiting one location, a mill west of the Airport on the far edge of the match, and found it would appear in some matches, but not others.

Here it is on the map, if you wanted to try it yourself (it's the north-most building of a cluster of three - you can see it clearer in the video embedded at the top of this page):

The behaviour of these doors is uncertain, such as whether they disappear after use. We know using a Red Door will take you to a random Station, so in theory it could just drop players to an unused Station each time it's used.

Due to the random nature of their appearances, at launch, confirmed locations are few and far between. Players are fast discovering examples, however - here's another found by Mr Middi on YouTube inside the Stadium:

Watch on YouTube

And here's one which spawns inside Nakatomi Plaza (via FrenchFriesPancakes on reddit:

How this all plays into the strategy of Warzone will be interesting. In theory, if you know where one or two doors could spawn, trying your luck with them showing up can give you a significant head start - provided it takes you out at another part of the map that works with your strategy.

It also probably goes without saying to use these at your own risk once the circle has closed in. You never know where you'll end up after all!