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WAR's free trial goes endless

Play up to level 10 with no limits.

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Mythic is moving Warhammer Online to an "endless" free trial which offers unlimited access to the MMO up to level 10 in the Empire versus Chaos zones, reports Previously, the game's free trial had a 10-day time limit.

The new endless free trial is currently live on Mythic's North American servers. It's "coming soon" in Europe according to regional operator GOA.

The free trial allows you to create and play any of the game's 24 race-specific careers. You're limited to levelling up to rank 10 and to the tier one Empire versus Chaos zones, Nordland and Norsca. This area has recently been revamped as part of an effort to improve the experience for new players. There's a new dungeon to enjoy there, as well as three player-versus-player scenarios, and new players are automatically added to a newbie guild.

Mythic has also updated the game to a streaming client, so the initial download will only be 1GB.

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