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WAR tops 800,000 active users mark

Subscriber base still growing strong.

Warhammer Online now has over 800,000 "current players", according to financial result papers for EA.

That's not terribly exciting in itself, as the MMO had just 50,000 fewer players at the start of October. But this does mean numbers are still going up and not - as some stories would have us believe - down.

This will also make Mythic and owner EA a modest but substantial but substantial income, assuming the 800,000 players will fork out GBP 8.99 once the free trial month has run out. Warhammer Online has also sold 1.2 million copies, which is a number that silver-haired fox John Riccitiello recently deemed a success for EA.

But all of this will seem fairly insignificant to the towering form of World of Warcraft, which recently posted subscription figures of over 11 million, and expands again on 13th November with Wrath of the Lich King

Still, Mythic plans to be here for the long haul, and has already promised Blizzard a lengthy battle.

The first actions of the Mythic WAR-plan will be a major patch in December, which will introduce two new classes, server transfers and improved RvR rewards - both for instanced and openworld battles.