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Video: Let's Splat ink everywhere in Splatoon

Art we good?

One of the hottest new games on the Wii U block is Splatoon, a multiplayer shooter based around splattering levels in paint/ink.

Whichever team covers the largest part of the map in ink, wins. Mixing this formula up is your ability to turn into a squid, which you must do in your team's own pools of ink in order to refill your gun. Being a squid also makes you move faster, up walls (if they're inked), under fences and through grating.

You aim by tilting the Wii U GamePad, rather than using the right thumbstick only, and you can also see a map on the GamePad screen and touch it to warp to team members.

It's fast, literally fluid and fun. At EGX, Oli, Martin, Tom and myself all hopped on for a four-versus-four showdown to show you what Splatoon is all about.

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