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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt's summer update launches next week with a new look battle pass


Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt's summer update will rollout on 14th July, bringing a host of new features, including a new 8v8 Team Deathmatch mode and a refreshed battle pass system.

This new Team Deathmatch sees four duos duking it out to take control of five arenas across the Prague map, whilst the new Summer pass - offering 100 "levels of progression" - will be available for "only" 600 tokens.

Sharkmob also confirms that instead of the "standard" 12-week battle pass, Bloodhunt will now focus on monthly content drops instead.

"The biggest change here is we are essentially saying that we’re not going to do seasons anymore in the traditional sense. When we launched the game, we did a 12-week standard season with a Battle Pass of 100 levels and similar value to other competitors out there," producer David Sirland told our sister site, VG24/7.

Bloodhunt - Official Summer Update Trailer.

"We realised quite quickly into the season that we can't really sustain this as the team we are - and it's also hurting us because the content plan is essentially holding us back from making quicker gameplay updates faster, and fixing the key aspects of the game that our core players are screaming for in some cases."

Consequently, Sirland says the target is now to "get into a monthly cadence for gameplay updates" with bug fixes and "responses to issues" pushed out separately from content updates to speed up their rollout.

"We want to try and see if it’s better to do 100 ranks and make it cheaper? Are shorter passes released more often better? That's something we will work on for sure as we go forward, and we don't expect this one to last the full 12 weeks."

While we're on the topic of vampire games, have you tried V Rising yet? A million players have now risen up to play the vampire survival success story.

In just over a week, the game has blown up on Steam and become one of its most-played titles. A recent patch added LAN Mode, allowing you to play V Rising solo or with friends on the same network without an internet connection.

It's expected that V Rising will remain in Early Access for around 12 months, and the "price [will] increase after" that.

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