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Valheim adds Mountain update with dungeons

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Viking survival game Valheim has launched its new Mountain update, which adds instanced cave dungeons to the game.

The update fleshes out Valheim's snowy mountain biome with new enemies and resources, some of which are buried in those caves.

Frost Caves will be similar to Burial Chambers found in the Black Forest and Sunken Crypts seen in the Swamps, developer Iron Gate Studio said today. Expect three new enemies to defeat, and another new armour and weapon set to forge.

Valheim's previous Hearth and Home update.Watch on YouTube

"The goal was to give Mountains a similar challenge in close quarters to what players can find in the Swamps and the Black Forest, as well as a chance to square off against new feral enemies," Iron Gate co-founder Henrik Törnqvist said. "You might have noticed a couple fenrings stalking the peaks at night, but did you ever think about where they go when the dawn comes?"

Cave story.

Next on the agenda for Valheim is still its big Mistlands expansion, which will add the game's sixth biome. Today's Mountain update is meant as a smaller morsel to tide players over until then.

Earlier this month, Iron Gate also confirmed Valheim would run on Steam Deck, and showed off how it looks on Valve's fresh portable.

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