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UT3 Black free on Steam this weekend

Starts tomorrow, pre-load begins now.

Epic will be offering Unreal Tournament 3 Black free on Steam this weekend - starting tomorrow, Thursday 28th May.

Pre-load - a fancy word for being able to download the game in preparation - begins now.

Unreal Tournament 3 Black consists of Unreal Tournament 3 plus the Titan Pack expansion, which has lots more vehicles, weapons, characters and deployable items. The entire game was also recently bought up to version 2.1, which fixes all sorts of bugs and tidies up various dusty corners.

Incidentally, those who splashed out on UT3 at retail can enter the product key into Steam to receive UT3 Black for free.

Unreal Tournament 3 launched on PC a couple of years ago but enjoys a prosperous life thanks to an active mod-making community. To encourage them Epic is running another Make Something Unreal competition, which has a prize fund of USD 1m to spread among the top entries.

Phase three has just begun and progress can be tracked over on the official website. Epic plans to make most of the best creations available to the community, too.

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