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Upcoming Fall Guys patch has "lots of the things you've been asking for"

Fall aboard!

A new Fall Guys patch - entitled "Spicy Hot Fix" - is "almost ready to go".

"We've got a patch that's almost ready to go - will hopefully drop it in the next week!" tweeted the sassy Fall Guys Twitter account. "I'm really excited about this one as it's got lots of the things you've been asking us for!"

The patch introduces a plethora of changes, including a "tweaked" selection algorithm that avoids team games if the team sizes will be uneven, and changes to spectator mode that - finally! - puts your party members first in the selection.

There's also an invert X/Y axis coming for PS4 players, as well as "improved UI performance" on non-Pro PS4 models.

Other changes put a stop to players grabbing moving obstacles during Slime Climb, while Jump Showdown has had its auto-panning camera fixed and sees a change to the geometry to prevent an unspecified gameplay exploit.

The final tongue-in-cheek fix says "removed move speed nerf from Yellow Team (don't post this one)".

In related news, yesterday Mediatonic has confirmed a Fall Guys Portal 2 crossover - and it's out now. But unlike the Chell skin many were expecting, Fall Guys now has a P-body skin on PlayStation 4 and Steam. P-body is one of the two playable android test subjects in Portal 2.

Remember, Fall Guys is raising money for wonderful video game charity Special Effect via a donation for custom skin drive. Last we heard, streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Aim Lab were leading the pack with an incredible $420,069 combined bid.

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