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Ubisoft warns Far Cry 6 beta invite emails are phishing scams

"Please do not respond".

If you've been the recipient of a seemingly official email inviting you to join the Far Cry 6 beta, then Ubisoft would like you to know that - STOP! - it's a phishing scam.

News that dodgy beta invites have been doing the rounds first surfaced in a tweet from YouTuber theRadBrad. "Just a heads up to all content creators," he wrote, "There is an email from the official Ubisoft address going around that claims beta access to Far Cry 6. It even has an embargo with a special password for access."

According to theRadBrad, clicking on the invite's accompanying link will install a virus that "watches your screen and records everything you do."

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In response, Ubisoft's Support feed confirmed the fake beta invites were a phishing attempt, warning recipients, "Please do not respond if you have received this email or similar."

This isn't the first phishing scam to play on fan excitement for an upcoming video game, of course. Only last year, CD Projekt was forced to warn players away from a round of emails claiming to offer sign-ups for beta access to Cyberpunk 2077.

As for Far Cry 6, it's still awaiting a release date following Ubisoft's decision to delay its previously announced February launch. Currently, it's due to arrive between now and March 2022 - although a recent Microsoft Store listing suggested we might see it as soon as May.