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Ubisoft outlines Division 2's next three episodes

Including the second raid.

Terry Spier, creative director at Red Storm Entertainment, has been on the stage at Ubisoft's E3 press conference to lay out the forthcoming first year content for The Division 2.

The first of three episodes will launch in July, offering three new main missions. First you travel outside the city into the woodlands to spearhead an attack on a presidential compound. Then you go to the National Zoo! Finally, a rundown college provides the setting for a mission that involves exploration, investigation and logic, and which promises "a new game experience". The woods, the zoo and then school. This episode will be sponsored by the people who make cheese strings.

Episode 2 launches in the Autumn, when this entirely apolitical game will head for the Pentagon, where rogue Black Tusk forces move in on secrets that must not be exposed. More importantly, this episode also features the game's second raid, which means more eight-player action is on the way.

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The final episode lands at the start of next year. It involves a manhunt for a dangerous figure and Spiers' script got so cryptic at this point I didn't really get what he was talking about here.

No matter! The Division 2 will also be free to play between the 13th and 16th June. Oh, and that Division movie that's on the way? It's headed to Netflix.