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Ubisoft makes Wii party-game label

Hopes parents like it.

Ubisoft has made a new label with crayons that will focus on making Wii party games for "all family members and friends".

Play Zone is its name and Sports Party will be its first game, which is down for release on 11th July.

This has nine sport-mimicking mini-games: basketball (three variations), croquet, lawn darts (what?), badminton, volleyball, horse shoes and mini-golf.

Each has Wiimote gesture controls, a trio of difficulty levels, and is based on short sessions with lots of healthy breaks.

"With our new Play Zone party titles, the Wii gamers who like to spend time with friends and family will have fun with the Wii through innovative and involving mini-games," said Ubisoft Euro marketeer John Parkes.

"The Play Zone label will provide them with the best games to mingle and compete together in a fun and friendly atmosphere."

Perhaps even pubs will adopt them, John.

Head over to our Sports Party gallery - yes we made one - to see what it looks like.