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Try Burnout Paradise on PC for free

Ahead of full release in February.

Criterion has decided to offer free trials of Burnout Paradise on PC ahead of the full release in February.

This demo will present the whole of Paradise City, limited only by time, allowing testers to do just about anything and go more or less anywhere. That includes multiplayer, where up to eight can race together online.

PC owners will also be able to see how well the game runs on their setup.

The trial will be hosted by the Criterion and EA websites, and the developer also plans to shift "millions" of discs out into the world, apparently. The trial won't require a disc to run, so these can be spread to friends like germs.

When February rolls around, Burnout Paradise PC will come complete with all of the content released for the console versions so far: the Cagney update, Bikes Pack and Party Pack.

The desktop version will receive all future content, too, like the brand new island area that Criterion detailed recently.

Burnout Paradise PC, incidentally, features beefed-up monitor resolutions - some of the first shots were captured in 1920x2400, which is a complicated sum for a human brain (like ours) to tackle.

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