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Tropico 5 beta test confirmed for PC

El Presidente wants you to sign up now.

The PC version of Tropico 5 will be able to play in closed beta next month, publisher Kalypso Media has announced.

You can sign up to try the dictatorial strategy sandbox now via Kalypso's site.

The beta will begin sometime in March, before a full roll-out of the game sometime later in "Q2 2014" on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360.

"Under the wise and benevolent guidance of El Presidente, players can help make Tropico 5 the best game possible by taking part in a Beta test this March," Kalypso wrote.

"Registration begins today - so potential applicants should apply right now. We're looking for gamers who have a huge enthusiasm for city-building titles and with a wide experience playing within the genre."

Tropico 5 once again lets you assume the cigar-smoking role of a South American dictator - although this time over an even longer time span. Cooperative and competitive multiplayer will also be included.