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Total War: Warhammer's getting a new playable race, for free, next week

Here comes the cavalry.

The Bretonnian faction has been part of Total War: Warhammer from the very start, playable in custom battles, but never on the campaign map itself. Until next week, that is.

The Bretonnia Race Pack DLC arrives on the 28th February, with a revamped roster of units and features, plus three legendary lords (two of which can be seen in the video below).

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Bretonnia is a very chivalrous and very French faction, with access to some of the best cavalry in the game. The game plan, typically, involves distracting your enemy with masses of disposable peasant infantry, while your most noble of knights do all of the damage. It's essentially Downton Abbey, the Warhammer faction.

Anyway, if you're part of the Total War Access scheme, you can grab this new DLC an entire day before everyone else. You can sign up for that here, if you like.

There's a couple more updates planned for Total War: Warhammer before Creative Assembly move on to whatever's next, although as far as we can tell, it's unlikely we'll see anything as substantial as the Bretonnians after this. What a ride it's been.

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