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Titanfall 2's co-op horde mode Frontier Defense drops next week

Free multiplayer trial from 28th-30th July.

Titanfall 2's four-player co-op horde mode, Frontier Defense, will be added 25th July as a free update on all platforms.

Here players will have to defend their Harvester against five waves of increasingly difficult enemies. By defeating foes you'll earn currency to buy traps, sentries, and other tools to thwart off the siege.

Frontier Defense will come with five difficulty settings: Easy, Regular, Hard, Master, and Insane. Insane will actually be its own featured mode.

Cover image for YouTube videoTitanfall 2 - Operation Frontier Shield Gameplay Trailer

The new mode will launch with five maps: Homestead, Forwardbase Kodai, War Games, Rise, and Blackwater Canal.

Frontier Defense will include its own upgrade system with Aegis Ranks, which are earned by completing matches. Rising the ranks will provide unlocks for your Titans, but only for this PvE mode.

The 25th July update will also add the new Livefire map Township, along with the new multi-mode map Rise. More details can be found on the game's official Frontier News Network blog.

While all of Titanfall 2's maps and modes are free, this impending update will add purchasable mostly cosmetic items with Elite Warpaint weapon skins. The only in-game benefit these provide is double XP.

Likewise, the Limited Edition Titan Warpaints will grant XP bonuses for you and your team in Frontier Defense, and these elite skins will only be available until 28th August.

Titanfall 2 is also hosting another free trial, this time running from 28th to 30th July. It contains all of the game's multiplayer modes along with the single-player training obstacle course The Beacon. You can download the demo and get cracking on The Beacon right now while you wait for the multiplayer to go live.

In other Titanfall 2 news, it's worth noting that the game's active user base is continuing to grow nine months after launch. Developer Respawn said that it recently saw over 1m active users a month and that's only increased since the last DLC drop. That can only be a good thing as Titanfall 2's initial sales were lackluster, having launched between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. That's a shame as we deemed Titanfall 2 essential and it was our runner-up for Game of the Year in 2016.