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The Resident Evil 2 remake with fixed camera angles looks retro cool

What is old is new is old again.

A modder has added fixed camera angles to the Resident Evil 2 remake - and the results are impressive indeed.

Capcom's wonderful remake of the PSX classic reimagines Resident Evil 2 with a modern, third-person over-the-shoulder camera perspective more akin to Resident Evil 4 and without the tank controls of the first few games in the series.

Tinkerer Enveloping Sounds has released a couple of videos showing what Resident Evil 2 remake with fixed camera angles would look like. The first shows Leon's intro at the gas station.

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The second, which is better, shows Claire exploring the orphanage later on in the game.

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Enveloping Sounds said Leon's gas station scene forced them to compose scenes based on the direction Leon's flashlight is pointing, as it's the only source of light in the building. This meant most of the camera angles had to be behind Leon, which isn't that interesting.

The orphanage, however, is well lit, which meant Enveloping Sounds was able to come up with much more interesting camera angles.

The work is proof of concept for now, so there's no mod to download and try for yourself. But I reckon the results are impressive enough for the work to continue, and hopefully we'll see a release.

The Resident Evil 2 remake modded to look like the original Resident Evil 2 has a nice circle of life feel to it, too, and I wonder if it's something Capcom may consider as a mode for the game itself - or future potential remakes. Playing the remake with fixed camera angles kind of misses the point, but it would be cool as an unlockable mode.

And imagine Mr. X turning up as the camera angle changes. I'm not sure I'd be able to cope with that!