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The latest focus of GTA 6 rumours: a dirt road in Virginia

Up the garden path.

Given the enormous commercial success of GTA 5, it feels almost inevitable we're going to see a sequel at some point, but that hasn't stopped fans from trying to read tea leaves to figure out exactly when GTA 6 is going to release. Once again, fans think they've found a reference to GTA 6 - and this time it's centred on a dirt road in the middle of Virginia. That's certainly a little off the beaten track.

The wild theory began when Rockstar published a teaser for the new GTA Online update, at the bottom of which fans spotted a set of GPS coordinates:

Popping these coordinates into Google Maps or Earth lands you at Middle Mountain Trail, a deserted track in the middle of Virginia. Yet as noted by Kotaku, fans think the shape of the road is actually a clue for GTA 6. The trail looks a little like the Roman numeral VI, and this has sent fans into a bit of a tizzy.

"I checked it out, and it definitely says VI on the ground," said user gloomindoomin. "It's far from the release, but we got the first obvious sign from Rockstar, so congratulations."

I mean, there are a lot of shapes that could be, but you can definitely argue that's a VI.

There are plenty of fan theories out there about GTA 6, but given this one stemmed from an official teaser, it's quite funny to imagine Rockstar could be sending fans to scrabble around in dirt tracks for clues about GTA 6. Let's hope it's not just a road to nowhere.

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