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The Last Story MP options detailed

Versus and co-op Raid modes explained.

Mistwalker's upcoming Wii-exclusive RPG The Last Story features Versus and Raid multiplayer modes, which have been detailed in the latest issue of Famitsu.

According to Famitsu's report (translated by Andriasang), Versus is a typical free-for-all where you can play as a variety of characters from the Story mode on several stages, earning points by defeating other players.

You can bring your Story mode character online, but only physical customisation is reflected in Versus mode, with character level and abilities equalised so nobody gets an unfair advantage. Rewards for victory include items, weapons and paint.

To spice things up, the battlefield is strewn with various things you can use to your advantage – banana ammo that makes enemies slip up, explosive-tipped arrows and other items that buff and debuff.

Apparently there's a team-based variation on Versus, too, which supports up to six players – three per team.

If you want to play with your friends rather than against them, though, it sounds like Raid mode is the place to be, as it's a co-operative boss fight.

The game still equalises character level here, but your equipment and parameters carry over from Story mode, so there's a bit more personality to proceedings. You can select from various characters, again, and Famitsu noted that party balance will be important.

Bosses seen so far include a Kraken and another winged chap called Atar.

Both modes have their own lobbies, apparently, where you can set up your character and chat with other players, although chat options are limited to a bunch of preset text greetings that you're invited to choose from.

The online systems also allow you to build up a friends list and check rankings. If you're struggling for real-life pals to team with, there's also an option to play with randoms. Keep it clean.

Online options should be accessible from the game's first save-point onwards, according to information released before Christmas, which also suggested the Story would last players around 30 hours.

The Last Story, which is being helmed by former Square man Hironobu Sakaguchi, is due out in January in Japan, but currently has no western release date.