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The Last of Us community praises Part 1 accessibility features shown in new trailer

"This is huge!"

As we reported earlier, Naughty Dog has unveiled a new trailer offering a closer look at The Last of Us Part 1 for the PlayStation 5 - and specifically showing a first official look at how the series' highly-praised accessibility features will be presented in the remake.

"We've really tried to push the frontier of accessibility on this game," stated game director Matthew Gallant, showcasing Part 1's new audio description setting - a first for a game on PlayStation. "Every single accessibility option we offer, that's a barrier removed for someone."

You can see the full breakdown for yourself below.

The Last of Us Part 1 features and gameplay trailer.Watch on YouTube

Now, The Last of Us' community has shared their thoughts on these new features, with many thanking Naughty Dog for making a once inaccessible game accessible to them at last.

"I have no words to accurately portray my excitement! #AudioDescription in a #PS5 game and that game being #TheLastOfUsPartI... just wow," wrote accessibility advocate SightlessKombat.

"Well done to all involved, can't wait to experience this first-hand! This is huge for #accessibility!"

Meanwhile, fellow advocate Steve Saylor shared his belief that these new features justify the game's price tag.

"I don't care what you think. To me if The Last Of Us Remake makes a barely playable game for disabled players to an almost fully accessible game for disabled players, that is 100 percent worth $70. Period," he stated.

This is, of course, topical as many have previously branded this remake as a "cash grab" by the studio. However, this is something a Naughty Dog developer has publicly rebuked.

Meanwhile, The Last of Us Part 1's team members have been biting back at leaks, calling them "disheartening and frustrating" to developers.

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