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The Last Guy on PS3 Store

Plus Warhawk pack, NHL demo.

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Sony has updated the PlayStation Store with The Last Guy for PS3 and the Warhawk: Operation Fallen Star add-on pack.

The Last Guy is a top-down game where players try and rescue civilians from a city overrun by monsters, and costs GBP 4.99. Look out for our review soon.

Operation Fallen Star, meanwhile, introduces jetpacks and ten new battlefields among other things, and goes for GBP 3.99.

Otherwise there's a demo of NHL 09 from EA (free, obviously), and Buzz! Junior Jungle Party for GBP 3.49, which is an add-on for Buzz! Quiz TV, as far as we can make out, presumably based on the PS2 release of the same name. It's billed as a "Game Pack" on the Store, but we're double-checking.

And of course if you still have time after all that, there's the usual collection of trailers (HAWX, Far Cry 2, Super Stardust HD tips vids) and a new, free graffiti theme, as well as a Pipe Mania demo for PSP owners.

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