The Last Guy

The Last Guy

The Last Guy

You have to get to know him.

Do we have a name for this genre? I can't remember. "Escort game" probably sends the wrong signal. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers - and The Last Guy, in which you dodge monsters and escort frightened civilians across satellite images of famous cities, can't be easily pigeonholed.

The satellite images - of London, San Francisco and other cities - are the basis for elaborate Pac-Man-style mazes, which are revealed when you press the X button to show navigable routes and heat signatures for clusters of sheltering refugees. Each level gives you a set amount of time to manoeuvre your character - the last guy, a tiny bundle of pixels wearing a cape - towards these buildings, trees and other shelters, whereupon their human occupants empty into the streets and form a conga line, which you then have to lead to escape zones.

The reason everyone's hiding is because the world has been invaded by some sort of zombie monster species from outer space. Said zombies kill you on contact, forcing you to restart the level, but if they touch the conga line they also send everyone behind the point of contact scurrying into a nearby building. Since the civs follow you step for step without cutting corners, this means you have to measure your movements around the cities not only to evade enemies, but to make sure the whole of the line evades them too.

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The Last Guy on PS3 Store

Plus Warhawk pack, NHL demo.

Sony has updated the PlayStation Store with The Last Guy for PS3 and the Warhawk: Operation Fallen Star add-on pack.