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The Hitman Trilogy lands on Game Pass - so here's some stuff to read and watch

Going back through the archives...

Hello! The Hitman Trilogy arrives on Game Pass today, so we've gathered up some of our bits and pieces regarding Agent 47. Enjoy!

Firstly the reviews, including a bit of Digital Foundry stuff.

Working backwards, here's our review of Hitman 3: "A satisfying end to a beautiful stealth trilogy."

And here's the Digital Foundry verdict on Hitman 3.

And how about a look at Hitman 3 in VR?

Here's Digital Foundry with PC and console comparisons and a piece about the 4k resolution advantage on Series X.

Nice. Going back to 2018, here's our Hitman 2 review: "Surgical to the point of slender."

Going back to 2016, here's our review of Hitman 1 and the complete first season of the game.

Hitman 3 reviewWatch on YouTube

But what about features?

Well the video team tackled the chilli immolation challenge in Hitman 2.

While this piece looks at how Hitman allows for the strange joys of playing a game wrong.

We spoke to series developers IO back in 2016.

The Chilli Challenge.Watch on YouTube

And we also considered how many ways we could kill a target.

Oli mused on the trouble with building games to last while Martin considered how Hitman might be a great template for more episodic games.

Oh, and just one more thing...

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