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The Chilli Immolation Challenge shows off Hitman 2's inventive kills in the best way possible

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

Despite polarising its fanbase with a episodic release structure, Hitman 2016 was a huge favourite of mine. I loved the intricate detail of the environments and the freedom this gave you to experiment with your surroundings. That coupled with the unpredictable nature of the gameplay meant that pulling off elaborate hits was always heart-pounding stuff, especially when your well laid plans crumbled before your very eyes!

Most of all though I loved the elaborate challenges you could take on in order to dispatch your primary targets in weird and wonderful ways.

To that end, I decided to attempt something rather special during my hands-on time with Hitman 2 at this years Gamescom. The Chilli Immolation Challenge is a unique kill that (as far as I'm aware) has never before been captured on video and you can watch me attempt it in the player below.

Oh, and there's also a bit with a fish that you definitely don't want to miss!

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Hitman 2 Gameplay - THE CHILLI IMMOLATION CHALLENGE!

The Let's Play above takes place on Hitman 2's glamorous Miami mission and as I stalk my target you'll also get to check out some of Hitman 2's new gameplay elements in action. The ability to blend into crowds now comes in handy more than once and the new suitcase that allows you to smuggle weapons past unsuspecting civilians seems like a very welcome addition indeed.

Hitman 2 will be releasing as a full game this time around - no episodic content whatsoever - but apart from that the vibe of the game is still fundamentally the same as the previous title.

The perfect mix of stealth, planning, combat and humour that was present in Hitman 2016 remains here and while there doesn't seem to be a massive difference between the sequel and its predecessor, you can tell from my gameplay capture that almost everything has been tightened up and improved upon in some way.

Cover image for YouTube videoHitman 2: Sniper Assassin gameplay - THE TEAM EUROGAMER CHALLENGE!

The Chilli Immolation Challenge wasn't the first time I've tinkered with Hitman 2 this year though. Last month the whole video team had a go at the Hitman 2: Sniper Challenge, with varying levels of success. Find out who is the best at being a murderer in the video above