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Hitman 3's roguelike Freelancer mode unveiled

Closed technical test in November.

Hitman 3's roguelike mode Freelancer has been unveiled in a new video from IO Interactive.

The mode is set for release on 26th January next year, though a closed technical test will begin from 3rd November until 7th November - details are on the latest IOI blog.

The developer has released an in-depth video detailing exactly how the gameplay of Freelancer works, check it out below.

HITMAN 3: Freelancer (How to Play)Watch on YouTube

So how does it work? Agent 47 is tasked with taking down crime syndicates found across the locations of the Hitman trilogy.

A successful run means taking down four syndicate leaders across multiple missions, but to get to these leaders Agent 47 must assassinate lower members first. Fail a mission against the lower members and players will lose all the weapons and items brought along, as well as half of their cash. Territories will also be alerted to their presence in future. Fail against a leader during a showdown, though, and it's game over.

Each syndicate has a type attached to it that will affect gameplay and reward players accordingly. Successfully completing missions provides both xp and cash to spend on weapons and freelancer tools.

Out on locations, cash can be found on couriers (when defeated) that's then spent at suppliers. Safes also provide items, if they can be cracked.

Then, during showdowns, players will need to study intel to correctly identify the correct target among other NPCs. Other, computer-controlled, assassins will also be on the job.

It all begins in your safehouse, where players can plan missions, test guns, choose styles and disguises, and more. It can also be customised and decorated however you believe Agent 47 really lives.

The closed technical test will feature nine locations, although the full release will eventually include 19.

We described the final game as a "satisfying end to a beautiful stealth trilogy" in our Hitman 3 review, but Freelancer mode is shaping up to add plenty of extra value.

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