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The excellent Marvel's Midnight Suns now has a three-hour trial

"No excuses at this point."

Marvel's Midnight Suns was my favourite game from last year that never found an audience. Just today, it was listed among the list of titles recently released by publisher Take-Two that reviewed positively but - for whatever reason - failed to set tills ringing.

Released in December, Midnight Suns offers a strong story-based single-player experience that alternates between easy-to-understand turn-based combat and an RPG-style hub where you hang out and befriend the superheroes you've recruited onto your team. The fights are fun and fast-paced. The story is well-written, and the interactions between Marvel characters frequently brilliant. There's a lot to love.

I never felt the game's marketing properly spelled all of that out - and as someone who has not played XCOM before, I was initially unsure about leaping into my first Firaxis game. Ultimately I took the plunge and came away very happily surprised.

Marvel's Midnight Suns released right at the end of 2022, missing many best of the year lists.Watch on YouTube

This is all to say that, if you are still yet to try it, Marvel's Midnight Suns is very much worth a look.

Better yet, there's now a demo version of the game available to all on Xbox, or alternatively on PlayStation as part of the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription.

This trial version should give you three hours of playtime, and is listed as being available until 27th January 2024.

Writing on Twitter this morning, Marvel's Midnight Suns director Jake Solomon called the game "100 percent the game I wanted it to be.

"Take Two and 2K gave us all the time and resources we needed to make the game of our dreams," he continued. "There is a free trial now on Xbox and PS Plus Premium, so go play it. No excuses at this point."

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