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The Division's huge new update detailed in full

Adds Gear Score, gear sets and bounty-like assignments.

Ubisoft has detailed the full patch notes for The Division's update 1.1, which is set to go live next Tuesday, 12th April.

There's the headline features we already know about: the game's first raid, or "incursion" activity for four players with characters at the current level cap, 30.

And there's the ability to trade items between players in your group - you just drop them on the ground.

But there's also confirmation of a few other things we've been waiting for, such as the ability to increase the power of your character beyond level 30 by acquiring high-end loot with Gear Score, a system similar to Destiny's Light levels.

Accompanying this will be gear sets, which when worn together can provide various bonuses.

Other changes include the addition of bounty-like assignments, which are automatically obtained. Daily and weekly variants will be available, and task players with combat, crafting or Dark Zone tasks.

Speaking of the Dark Zone, the player-versus-player combat area will get global supply drops of uninfected loot at specific times of day - sure to gather players in one area in a fight for the spoils. The Dark Zone has suffered from sometimes seeming a little empty - this may help.

There are also a couple of new high-end weapons, a new group spectator camera and a range of balance changes. The official site has the full list.

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