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The Division 2 adding 100-floor tower block endgame activity

The raid.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is getting a new endgame mode set in a 100-story skyscraper.

Summit will task players with clearing all 100 floors of the building from the ground up. Levels will vary each time you play, and be punctuated by a boss fight on every 10th floor.

The mode was revealed in developer Massive's latest State of the Game livestream, below, (thanks Kotaku) and should roll out to PC test servers tomorrow, before other platforms in the near future, for all players with this year's Warlords of New York expansion.

Summit seems like it has been developed to scratch the same itch as the original Division's Underground mode, which offered procedurally-generated parts of a metro system for players to plough through.

But the mode also seems better organised than Underground - there's a clear target to reach with the 100th floor, and players will be able to earn checkpoints and resume their progress every 10 floors following completion of the most recent boss fight.

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