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Temtem banhammer smacks down 900 people "permanently"

But, following criticism, developer will now review appeals.

Pokémon-alike Temtem wants you to know it means business when it comes to banning cheaters - but developer Crema has also drawn criticism for saying it won't review appeals.

In response to fan feedback, Crema has now said it will offer a ban appeal process - even though it remains "100 per cent sure" all 900 player accounts banned today belonged to those who cheated or used exploits repeatedly.

Today's bans are a first for Temtem, the enjoyable online multiplayer-focused take on Pokémon now available via Steam Early Access.

Crema announced this morning via Twitter it had taken "permanent" action against 900 players, that "bans are final" and it would not "answer or review any ban appeal".

"We've made 100 per cent sure that every banned user is either a cheater or has abused exploits intentionally," the official Temtem Twitter tweeted.

It all sounded like good news, though some players were immediately unhappy with the idea Crema had banned people who had used exploits "by accident". Others asked Crema to explain its methods for determining what did and didn't count, exploit-wise, for a ban.

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A few hours later, Crema gave an update:

"The team spent all morning checking banned accounts and player accounts saying 'they didn't do anything illegal'. We re-checked over 100 accounts.

"Every single one of them was a legit ban.

"Don't trust cheaters. They just want to know more info about the ban in order to avoid it next time they're using cheats. They will lie about everything in order to get more info and the minimal possibility of getting unbanned.

"And no, you're not going to get banned for casually finding a bug or an exploit. Only players intentionally and repeatedly ABUSING exploits are banned.

"If you play in a regular way you're OK. We've made 100 per cent sure before doing any bans and every data we've checked confirms that."

With all that said, Crema has now stated it will review ban appeals "even though every single one of the ones we checked are legit".

"Like you said, having a 'no appeal' policy is not good," Crema concluded. "So, you can contact us on Put 'Ban appeal' as the subject and include your in-game ID or username."

Hopefully that hammers it home.

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