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Survival game Outbreak Island releases in early access later this year

And a free prologue is "coming soon".

Tiny Magicians has revealed its upcoming survival game, Outbreak Island, is coming to Steam sometime between July to September 2022.

The survival game - which also boasts detective elements - will initially release in Early Access. The team also confirmed that a free prologue, which gives players "a chance to test the game's core mechanics", is "coming soon".

"A mysterious experiment drove the population of Erlsen Island crazy," the game's description teases. "The authorities have isolated the region from the outside world and sealed «the incident». As a detective Howard Chapman, you secretly arrive on the island to look into the cause of the accident. There is no way back.

"All that remains is to survive and investigate. Search for the evidence, analyze what you gather, find out what happened in this cryptic place, and save your own life."

Key features include a camera, which you can use for observation, to collate evidence, and "distract the infected", as well as weapon and equipment crafting, weather variations, and clues through which you must "study evidence to learn the causes of the outbreak and find the culprit". Oh, and there's those pesky "infected" to contend with, too.

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