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Super Time Force Ultra release date set for this month

Adds 50 levels, three new characters and more music.

Super Time Force Ultra, the spruced up PC release of Capybara's fourth-dimension bending retro platformer/shooter, will be coming to Steam on 25th August.

Capybara co-founder Nathan Vella spilled the beans on the release date to Joystiq at Gamescom today.

The Ultra-monikered PC variant of Super Time Force will add 50 new levels, a new power-up, three new characters, a secondary soundtrack just for when you're moving in slow-motion, and more.

Our Chris Donlan praised Super Time Force upon its original Xbox 360 and Xbox One release where he likened it to "the last 30 minutes of Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey folded in on itself and then set ablaze" in his glowing Super Time Force review.

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