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Super Time Force Ultra is coming to PC this summer

Soundtrack now on sale.

Capybara's trippy fourth-dimension skipping platforming action game Super Time Force is coming to PC this summer via Steam as Super Time Force Ultra.

"We're adding some very cool (but presently very secret) stuff to our crazy time-traveling game!" the developer teased in its announcement.

In other Super Time Force news, the game's soundtrack is now available for sale. It can be purchased on iTunes for $9.99 (about £6) or on composer 6955's Bandcamp page for $7.99 (about £5).

Our Chris Donlan was very fond of Super Time Force upon its May release on Xbox One and Xbox 360. "This is a seriously elegant design," he noted in his Super Time Force review, where he described the game as "the last 30 minutes of Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey folded in on itself and then set ablaze." In case it's not clear, he meant that as a compliment.

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