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Super Mario Maker 2 adding online matchmaking with friends in "future update"

Following community complaints.

Following criticism from fans, Nintendo has announced that it will be adding the ability to matchmake with friends when playing Super Mario Maker 2's online mode.

Nintendo fans were understandably peeved last month, when it transpired that Super Mario Maker 2's online mode - which lets up to four players tackle community- and Nintendo-made stages together - would only matchmake with random players. Those hoping to team up with friends for some online platform hijinks were left out in the cold.

The official explanation at the time was that Nintendo didn't want teams dominating Super Mario Maker 2's online course leaderboards by working together - another one to add to the big book of Nintendo being Nintendo about online.

However, the company has now had a change of heart. During this year's E3 Treehouse Live sessions, Super Mario Maker 2 producer Takashi Tezuka confirmed that friend matchmaking is on the way in a "future update" - suggesting that it won't be ready for launch on 28th June. Even so, it's a welcome addition to an already fantastic-looking package.

Could there still be hope for Super Mario maker 2's missing amiibo support? Time will tell.

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