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Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a delirious new side-scrolling platformer coming to Switch in October

Time to address the elephant in the room.

A screenshot from Super Mario Bros. Wonder showing Mario's transformation into a dungaree-wearing elephant.
Image credit: Nintendo

As rumoured ahead of today's Direct, Nintendo has a new side-scrolling Mario platformer in the works. It's called Super Mario Bros. Wonder and it comes to Switch on 20th October.

At first glance, Super Mario Bros. Wonder's presentation is all very New Super Mario, with its crisp, clean lines - albeit this time slightly stylised - and familiar Mario motifs. But then, midway through its announcement trailer, Mario encounters a new power-up and things get weird.

Warp pipes come alive in wiggly choreography, heaving and bending all over the place; spherical cows come tumbling in; Mario - and the world around him - gets a new stretchy, silhouetted look, and here come mega-herds of adorable sheep!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

What else? It's got an overworld map, plus Peach, Daisy, Luigi, and Toad all look to be playable in both solo and four player co-op. Yoshi's in, worlds spin, rainbow torpedos pummel the earth, oh and, yes, Mario can turn into an elephant.

It looks wonderfully, deliriously absurd, and it's coming to Switch on 20th October.

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