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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League rating details gory violence

"These corpses cannot be interacted with."

Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady has amped up the violence for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, a new 18 rating for the game has revealed.

Suicide Squad has been rated in Singapore, where the country's ratings board has detailed how the game contains strong scenes of violence, including "a character with a blade impaled in the neck, another's heart being ripped out, and a man being decapitated with blood spurting out of the neck stump".

Fans on reddit have noted how the rating board appears to reference specific moments of violence described in a previous plot leak for the game that included major deaths - which we won't divulge here.

Cover image for YouTube videoSuicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Official Batman Reveal - “Shadows”
Suicide Squad will feature the final voice performance as Batman by the legendary Kevin Conroy.

More generally, Suicide Squad is described as... a Suicide Squad game, with dark humour and a violent tone befitting the characters and setting. This may be a Rocksteady game, but this is clearly not an Arkham one.

However, this game is still set within the studio's Arkhamverse, and features the final vocal performance of the late, great Kevin Conroy as the developer's beloved incarnation of Batman.

"From a third-person perspective, the player controls a member of the Suicide Squad to fight various enemies (mainly robots and aliens) in different areas of the city," the description reads. "In each area, the player will have to face off a boss in order to progress the story. There are also side objectives which involve rescuing trapped civilians and collecting items to upgrade their equipment.

"Some of the areas in the city are strewn with corpses, some of which have missing limbs. These corpses cannot be interacted with."

Last month, a leaked image of the game appeared to reveal a battle pass linked to cosmetics, causing concern among fans over how Suicide Squad would be monetised.

For an official update and a fresh look at gameplay, tune in this evening to Sony's latest PlayStation State of Play broadcast for an extended showing at 9pm UK time. As ever, Eurogamer will be reporting live.

After a protracted development and several delays, Suicide Squad will finally arrive for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on 26th May.