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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League gets new enemies, gear, and more in first mid-season update

I can Harley believe it.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League screenshot showing Harley being offered an ice cream and frowning
Image credit: Warner Bros. / Eurogamer

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League might not have done the numbers Warner Bros was expecting, but developer Rocksteady continues onward with its post-launch plans, with its imminent Season 1 - Episode 2 update introducing new enemies, new gears, and more.

Season 1 - Episode 2 is a mid-season update for Kill the Justice League, and follows the arrival of The Joker as a playable character at the end of March. As such, it's light on major headline features, but it does bring a few gameplay additions while players wait for the next big update.

For starters, The Joker's Elseworld map - introduced alongside the character - is "opening up further". This expanded version adds "tricky" Green Lantern infused enemies - immune to all direct damage until their Constructs have been destroyed - and the new Promotinaut enemy, capable of promoting its allies to their next, more powerful level of mutation.

Rocksteady has commited to four post-launch updates for Suicide Squad.Watch on YouTube

Additionally, Season 1 - Episode 2 introduces the new Out of Orbit mission. Here, players must topple corrupted Justice League Watchtowers, which have only partially phased into the world and are invulnerable to attack, by locking their control points so Task Force X can get stuck in. There's an added complication in that enemies can exist in one of two dimensions during the mission and players will need to keep switching dimensions to take them out.

Finally, there a "villain's banquet of all-new gear". Players can access three tiers of the Two-Face Infamy Set, alongside new gear from the likes of Black Manta, Reverse-Flash, and Firefly. Full patch notes - which include changes to the way Mastery Level progression is calculated and an increase for the base number of rewards earned from Metropolis missions - can be found on Steam.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's Season 1 - Episode 2 update launches tomorrow, 23rd May, with three more seasons to follow according to Rocksteady's road map. Additionally, there's currently 60 percent off the Steam version until 3rd June, bringing the price down to £23.99 for the standard edition if your interest is piqued.

Eurogamer's Chris Tapsell gave Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League three stars out of five in his review back in February, saying "Rocksteady's talent is so evident in the game, it almost overcomes the terrible decision to try and make it."

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