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Street Fighter IV playable in Feb

In Japan. On arcade machines.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Capcom is going to be giving Japanese punters a taste of Street Fighter IV on 15th and 16th of February.

The fighting game will feature at the AOU 2008 Amusement Expo, which takes place in the Tokyo Game Show building and is about new arcade machines.

Project manager Natsuki Shiozawa spilled the beans on his blog (translated by IGN), where he promised future updates about the game. Unfortunately he failed to mention exactly how much would be playable.

Street Fighter IV was unearthed last October at the Capcom Gamer's Day and is aiming to take the iconic fighting series in a new artistic direction. It will combine 3D sprites and backgrounds with a traditional horizontal side-scrolling layout.

It's due out on PS3 and 360 with a date still to be decided. Pop over to our Street Fighter IV gamepage for the first trailer and shots.

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